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Thanks Mather Team!!! We love doing business with… people that are easy to do business with!!!

Barney E. Lehnherr

“Could not ask for better people to rent from. They are always there when you need them. And they maintain the their properties to the fullest!”

Joe G

When I was searching for a space for my company I met with several different agents and never felt comfortable. When I met with Mather I felt comfortable, non-pressured, informed, and quickly found that I couldn’t beat the price on the size of space I wanted. Highly recommended!

Will Lentz

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Mather Company prides itself on offering more quality locations for small businesses. Being a privately owned company, Mather has the flexibility and creativity needed in order to help our clients achieve their real estate or development/construction needs. Mather realizes that there is no one solution to any real estate problem and we will work to whatever extent is necessary to fit your needs.

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