About Us

General Overview

The Mather companies is a multi dimensional firm that is made up of three distinctive divisions all coordinating together in providing you, the client , with a efficient cost and time effective solution to your business needs;

  1. Construction: Ronald A. Mather Construction Company, Inc. is the building/developing arm of the Mather companies. It represents the fourth generation of experienced builder/developers in the Mather family of companies. We specialize in built to suit or custom build, lease back to tenant, sales to owner/users. RAMCO has been in business since 1979.
  2. Real Estate: The real estate division was founded by the late Donald R. Mather who provide services for Mather for over thirty years. Mather Real Estate, LLC now has Sharon McLaughlin as principal and managing broker and offers full service opportunities for both commercial and residential real estate. A wide variety of experiences await you in rental and sales or purchase of properties, property management, and development.
  3. Property Management: Mather Enterprises provides professional management for the properties owned by the Mather Companies as well as for outside companies who are looking for an efficient company to manage properties such as office complexes, warehouse buildings, or multi-family housing.

Our Founders

Donald R. Mather is a 1951 Graduate of Iowa University and received a degree in economics and business law after which he did graduate work at the University of Kansas in the field of Economics. Following his education he entered the construction business, becoming the third generation in the family in the construction industry, with his father R. E. Mather. In addition to serving as vice president of R. A. Mather Construction Company, Inc. Donald also founded Donald R. Mather Construction Company, and Mather Real Estate which owns and manages commercial and residential properties. In the mid 1970’s Donald moved his companies to Lenexa, Kansas where he began to develop, lease and sell commercial properties.

Ronald A. Mather president of Ronald A. Mather Construction Company, is a 1978 graduate of Kansas University where he earned a degree in business and accounting as well as his CPA certificate. Following his education Ronald founded Ronald A. Mather Construction Company Inc., becoming the fourth generation in the construction industry who built custom homes. Ronald also became a partner in several general and limited partnerships which hold and manage commercial rental properties. Since entering the construction industry in 1978, Ronald has since constructed over two hundred single family homes, seventy five luxury town homes and over 3,000,000 square feet of commercial space. In 1981, Ronald A. Mather Construction Company shifted emphasis to commercial construction. Since 1983, Ronald has steered the company toward larger commercial projects and concentrated on design-build opportunities and government work.

Buisness Objectives

The principal objective of the Partnership is to develop and hold for investment, commercial office and warehouse projects in favorable market areas.

Favorable market areas are defined as those areas where and advantageous relationship exists between cost and income potential, coupled with an unmet demand for office/warehouse space. Our nitch in the market place is to satisfy the need of all small or incubating companies, who require small well located well planed economic environments in which to develop. As these companies grow larger and prosper, it is our main goal to be available with larger or upgraded properties to accommodate there needs. Through solid management, our objective is to benefit through the success of our Tenants and grow with them.