Construction Development

Ronald A. Mather Construction Company, Inc

Mather Construction is an important part of the Mather companies. It represents the fourth generation of experienced builders and developers in the Mather family of companies. Due to our history and experience on the job site, Mather Construction is able to offer a wide range of knowledge in the building and developing properties. Mather Construction also specializes in:

  1. Build to suit properties: We can build for you, as well as
  2. Consturction supervision with certified and well qualified personnel
  3. Constuction and development
Our past experiences have allowed us the ability to plan and design a wide range of property, so that all of your building needs can be met.

Superintendent of Ronald A. Marther Construction

Eric Cloepfil

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Eric Cloepfil attended Kansas State University, College of Architecture and Design from August 1976 to December 1980. Eric got his start in residential housing and advanced into commercial buildings. In construction management, he has supervised construction of major anchor stores and malls throughout the Midwest and the south. These projects ranged in cost from 3 10 million dollars, and from 60,000 square feet to 200,000 square feet. the construction of approximately 35 of their buildings. Eric joined Mather Construction in 1987 and has since supervised Eric is also in charge of the supervision of tenant finishes done for Mather Enterprises. Eric takes pride in the fact that he is a hands on supervisor, doing much of the construction himself.

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