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Ronald A. Mather Construction Co., Inc. is well known in the Kansas City area for building and development. It represents the fourth generation of experienced builders developers in the Mather family specializing in build to suit, custom jobs and tenant finishes, as well as construction supervision with certified and well qualified personnel. Ronald A. Mather Construction Co. Inc, stands behind the expertise of its employees. By utilizing experienced subcontractors, the project will exceed expectations.


Mather Construction believes that the developer who succeeds most often is the one who takes the most care to validate his underlying assumptions. Since the development process requires a variety of skills, seldom can one firm or individual possess all of the required skills. With this in mind, Mather Construction has assembled a development and professional service team that excels in the areas necessary to ensure success.

The development process is generally most successful when the developer first researches a program in terms of the marketing target and then applies appropriate financial analysis. Mather Construction’s business plan is consistent and will only acquire sites that meet stringent demographic and financial criteria which will advance the objective of finding opportunities in areas with unmet demand. Thorough research is necessary. No industry is more intensive and subject to more irrevocable decisions yet tends to spend less on consumer research than the real estate industry. This failure to emphasize consumer research is one of the main reasons for real estate development failure. Our plan is to identify sub-markets not adequately served.


Ronald A. Mather, president of Ronald A. Mather Construction Company, is a 1978 graduate of Kansas University where he earned a degree in business and accounting as well as his CPA certificate. Following his education Ronald founded Ronald A. Mather Construction Company Inc., becoming the fourth generation in the construction industry who built custom homes. Since entering the construction industry in 1978, Ronald has constructed over two hundred single family homes, seventy five luxury town homes and over 3,000,000 square feet of commercial space.

In 1981, Ronald A. Mather Construction Company shifted emphasis to commercial construction. Since 1983, Ronald has steered the company toward larger commercial projects and concentrated on design-build opportunities and government work.


Eric Cloepfil, Superintendent of Ronald A. Mather Construction, attended Kansas State University, for Architecture and Design. Eric got his start in residential housing and advanced into commercial buildings. In construction management, he has supervised construction of major anchor stores and malls throughout the Midwest and the south.
Eric joined Mather Construction in 1987. He is also in charge of the supervision of tenant finishes done for R.A. Mather Construction. Eric takes pride in the fact that he is a hands on supervisor, doing much of the construction himself.

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